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On June 1st, at 16:00, at Nerkin Charbakh 3rd Street, the official opening of the park for children, built by the former WBO world champion, famous boxer Arthur Abraham, took place. Ucom has provided the park area with high-speed Wi-Fi internet access, which will allow visitors to benefit from the internet access for free. 

“Why did I choose to build this park in Nerkin Charbakh? First of all, everyone is well aware that this community represents the most vulnerable, below-average income inhabitants of Yerevan. And secondly, I was born and raised here, and as a "thank you" to my birthplace, I've built this park. My goal here was to create a cozy place for our mothers, sisters, for all people in general, to walk and enjoy their rest. For the visitors of the park to have access to the internet, I turned to Ucom, and I'm grateful the Company gave their prompt response and expressed willingness to provide the park area with free Wi-Fi. By the way, I've checked, the internet is truly fast in here”,- said Arthur Abraham in a conversation with us. 

“As a green operator, we welcome the existence of green areas in Yerevan and the digitalization of the latter. I am convinced, thanks to our high-speed internet, visitors will be able to read books online, watch movies, communicate with their close ones, and organize their work in nature. I am glad for such a partnership with Arthur Abraham”, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom. 

Let us add that the park also offers a colorful playground for children.