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Ucom's fixed network is launched in Artashat

Ucom’s high-speed fixed network is now accessible to Artashat residents.

Residents of Artashat can now enjoy Unity packages, offering fixed-line Internet, mobile communications, and television in one affordable package.

To mark this occasion, the company has introduced a special offer exclusively for Artashat residents.

By subscribing to the regional Unity 9000 package before July 31st, subscribers will pay only 8,000 drams monthly. Additionally, subscribers opting for the Unity 7000 or Unity 9000 packages for a 12-month period will receive three months of complimentary communication services.

However, discounts and high-speed communications aren’t all that Ucom has brought to Artashat: now residents can enjoy an open Wi-Fi 6 in the Theater Park that utilizes the latest technologies.

“For the second year now, we've been expanding our fixed network in the regions, and I'm delighted that our modern network is now available in Artashat, the ancient Armenian capital. I'm confident that Artashat residents will appreciate the convenience and accessibility of Ucom packages. Additionally, I hope that during warm summer days, park-goers will enjoy our Wi-Fi network, which operates on up-to-date technology,” said Ralph Yirikian, General Director of Ucom.

Mr. Yirikian also visited Greta Margaryan, the first subscriber who has connected to Ucom’s fixed network, presented her with a certificate to use the Unity 20,000 package for six months.

“I always knew Ucom provided good quality services, and now – we have been using it for a few days – and we love it too. I myself watch TV channels, and my daughter uses the internet, we keep in touch with family,” said Greta Margaryan.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of 2024, Ucom’s fixed network was launched in the city of Artashat.