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The 12th "Sunchild" Environmental Festival Launched with Ucom's Support

The 12th "Sunchild" International Environmental Festival kicked off with the support of Ucom.

Dedicated to biodiversity conservation, this year's festival promises a rich lineup of over 30 environmental films, set to screen at the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia from May 24th to 28th, with free admission.

Alongside captivating film screenings, the festival will host a Youth Corner, offering an expo and diverse workshops over four days. These engaging sessions provide young individuals with insights into leading environmental and educational programs, fostering participation in workshops and stimulating discussions.

"The films shown within the framework of the festival are an attempt to suggest that regardless of all circumstances, geographical location and social status, today we all face the consequences of the destruction of biodiversity, and therefore we should all try to take steps for a greener future with equal care," said Sona Kalantaryan, Director of the "Sunchild" International Festival.

 "We are very happy to support this festival, which allows the youth to get acquainted with the most important environmental problems and discover what contribution they can make in solving these problems. Nature is the environment in which we live, and on which the quality of life of all of us depends, and Ucom as a green and responsible company realizes its importance," said General Director of Ucom, Ralph Yirikian.

At the festival's inauguration, attendees were treated to Masha Karpukhina's short film, “The Last of the Nightingales.” This cinematic narrative follows a composer's transformative journey sparked by chance encounters with forest sounds, inspiring a career shift towards recording wildlife and combating the climate crisis through acoustic insights.

Notably, the 12th "Sunchild" International Environmental Festival was supported by the Municipality of Yerevan, the US Forest Service, the Fund for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Values, and the Armenian Office of the British Council. For those eager to delve into the festival's cinematic offerings, the schedule of films can be found here.

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