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Ucom provides four bus stops in Ijevan with free Wi-Fi

Ucom has provided free Wi-Fi coverage to smart bus stops in four communities of Ijevan.


In the border communities of Berkaber, Sarigyugh, Aygehovit, and Vazashen, recently constructed bus stops have been equipped with solar panels and electricity. Ucom installed fixed Internet and provided open access to Wi-Fi that allows resident use Wi-Fi while waiting for a bus.


“Last year, we introduced fixed Internet in Ijevan as part of our regional network expansion. However, merely offering quality services isn't sufficient for us; we consider it crucial to be genuinely beneficial in the communities we serve. We trust that our initiative will enhance the comfort and convenience of residents," said Ralph Yirikian, General Director of Ucom.


“In our community, specifically in the rural settlements of Vazashen, Aygehovit, Sarigyugh, and Berkaber, 'smart stops' powered by solar panels were established, and there arose a need for support to provide these stops with free Internet. We reached out to Ucom’s General Director Ralph Yirikian, and his positive response was prompt, enabling our residents to access free Internet today,” said the head of the Ijevan community, Artur Chagharyan.


It should be noted that last year, Ucom expanded its fixed network to Ijevan, Goris, Gavar, and Sevan.